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Toptical Technology Inc.

Following the enterprise spirit of "enterprising, responsible, professional and cooperative", and based on the people-oriented concept of high-tech enterprises, Toptical Technology Inc. is determined to build its own professional technical team and train professional management personnel. The company not only pays attention to providing employees with favorable salaries and salaries, building a good living environment, but also pays more attention to creating an open and progressive atmosphere of study and research, which provides a broad platform and development space for the broad masses of aspiring people to display their talents. Since its establishment, the company has gathered a group of elite backbone talents such as PhD and Master from famous universities at home and abroad, but with the rapid development of the company, the desire and demand for talents have become more heated. We sincerely welcome friends from all walks of life who love optical communication industry and are willing to take root in the "western Silicon Valley" of China for a long time to join us.“ "Core" to create a better tomorrow for society and life.

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