Toptical Technology Inc.

Toptical Technology "11.9" Fire Publicity Day Exercise

Date of publication:2019-9-2
In accordance with the spirit of the Outline of Fire Safety Education for the Whole People, with the aim of popularizing fire safety knowledge, raising fire safety awareness and building a "firewall" for fire safety, Sichuan Toptical Technology Inc. held a unique fire drill on the "11.9" Fire Safety Publicity Day.

The exercise was led by Dr. Li Chaoyang, president of the company, implemented by the Ministry of Safety and Environmental Protection and assisted by the departments of property and personnel. It truly achieved full participation, concerted efforts, full cooperation and well-trained.

The exercise is divided into three parts. Part I: Opening Ceremony. In his speech, the company leaders emphasized that the safety awareness of employees should be comprehensively improved from the aspects of ideological awareness and practical skills, and set the tone for the whole fire drill.

The second part is the main part: 1 The background of the drill is a simulated fire scenario, and the fire level is a secondary response. The scope of impact is within the company.

As the commander-in-chief, after General Wu issued the "Start" order, the simulation exercises began: 1 # Warehouse suddenly caught fire. In the early stage of the fire, the fire extinguisher was used by the staff to extinguish the fire, but it failed to achieve the effect of extinguishing, so the supervisory control room was immediately notified by telephone. After receiving and confirming the report, the security captain ordered the following operations to be completed at the same time: issuing evacuation instructions by broadcasting the alarm; reporting to the company's emergency commander and requesting to start the emergency plan; organizing fire rescue team members to use on-site fire extinguishers for the first time to extinguish fire; dialing 119 fire alarm telephone and 112 emergency telephone to assign personnel. Guide fire engines and ambulances. After receiving the report, the company's main leaders immediately announced the initiation of fire emergency plans. The functional groups (including fire fighting group, personnel rescue group, on-site security group, emergency evacuation group, logistics support group, external publicity and rehabilitation group, liaison group, etc.) acted swiftly. The members of each department acted concurrently as obligatory security personnel. Job, tense and orderly rescue and evacuation work. Five minutes later, the fire was successfully extinguished and the wounded were taken to an ambulance. The commander-in-chief of the Emergency Command issued an order after receiving the reports from each group: "The scene accident has been dealt with and the alarm has been lifted!" Since then, the exercise has ended. The commander-in-chief commented on the scene of the exercise, affirmed the spirit of solidarity and friendship and self-protection of the staff during the evacuation, and praised the timely and effective performance of the personnel rescue team.

The third part is to observe the fire drill of the company's security forces and the fire fighting practice of obligatory firefighters and employees of various departments.

This fire drill has a new start, focusing on operability and organization. It provides valuable practical materials for strengthening the comprehensive command ability of handling major emergencies and improving the speed and coordination level of emergency rescue response. At the same time, it also improves the safety awareness of all personnel, increases the common sense of safety and rescue, exercises fire fighting skills, and provides an important guarantee for the personal safety of employees and the safety of company property.