Toptical Technology Inc.

Systematic approach ______

Toptical Technology Inc.

quality policy

Optimal design, careful manufacture, scientific management, continuous improvement, safety and reliability, customer satisfaction

Connotation: Always hold the leading idea and advanced technology; Always face the market and serve customers; Respect facts, according to laws and regulations, standardize management, ensure the effective operation of quality management system. Emphasis is laid on practical details, excellence, through the continuous improvement of quality management, to provide customers with scientific and high-quality services.

Environmental and occupational health and safety management policies:

People-oriented, low-carbon environmental protection; safety first, prevention first

Connotation: The company respects every employee and always puts the physical and mental health and occupational safety of employees in the first place of enterprise management. Comply with laws and regulations, identify and prevent safety and environmental factors in the process of production and service in advance, eliminate major safety accidents, save energy and reduce emissions, fulfill social responsibility, and continue to improve;

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