Toptical Technology Inc.
4x4 PLC Splitter Chip

Category:Optical Passive Chip

The 4×4 splitter chip based on plannar light-wave circuit (PLC) technology splits the signals from any input port to four output ports. It offers uniform splitting ratio in wavelengths ranging from 1260nm to 1650nm with very low insertion loss (IL), low polarization dependence loss (PDL) and excellent environmental stability. Solorein can provide N×(4×4)array chip (N=1, 4, 8 or customized) which can be employed in CATV links and FTTx deployments especially in IP communications and Video distribution.

●Low Insertion Loss
●Low PDL
●Compact Size
●FTTx Deployments
●Optical Cross Connection
●Fiber Measurement Equipments
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